Thursday, 20 May 2010

Too many men on the box?

Why were there so few women on television this general election? A very good question to ask as I've been having the very same conversation with many of my female friends in the past week. And we come back to the same point - actually, the journalists who 'shone' for us in the campaign period were women. Take a bow Laura Kuenssberg, Rita Chakrabati, Joanna Gosling, Julie Etchingham and Cathy Newman. They were all delivering edgy, authoritative journalism day in, day out. But what struck me about the opinions of me and my friends is that none of us cared much, if at all, for the many men being wheeled out to anchor election programmes, nor for their rather bullish style of interviewing. Watching the media conference in the Downing Street garden the day after the coalition was signed, sealed and delivered, I thought, 'um, every major UK media organisation has sent a man to ask the questions.' Unwise, then, for those same news hacks to start asking questions about gender balance in the new cabinet, surely?
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Emma Gilliam

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