Sunday, 16 May 2010

Emma Giliam on UK radio listening in 2010

It seems everyone's celebrating the latest radio audience figures. And with good reason. Apparently radio listening is at an all-time high. Did you know that 46.5 million adults tune in at some point in the week? Or that a third of the UK population now owns a digital radio? Quite impressive in these days of social media, iPlayer, Sky+ to think that The Archers can still gain listeners. But of course we don't have to rely on the small box in the corner of the room nowadays to listen to our favourite programmes, or keep up with the news. The latest stats also show that radio listening on mobile phones and through the television is on the up, too. Many eyes were on Chris Evans' first showing in the figures at the helm of the Radio 2 Breakfast Show - would his style jar with Wogan fans and see them tuning away in their droves? No. He's added well over a million listeners. And look at BBC 6 Music - threatened with closure, the digital station has come back fighting and seen a 50% rise in listeners - a record one million people.

Across the UK stations are celebrating these increases. Local Radio (both commercial and BBC) have done well and that may be because the survey period included the snow in January - local stations traditionally do well when there's adverse weather, which always seems a shame to me because there are some fine presenters out there.

Station management will be looking at the figures in detail in the coming days and weeks - crucial programming and scheduling decisions will be made on the basis of them.

And we'll be looking at them here at Tower Media, too. Every bit of knowledge you can acquire about the radio landscape is essential for the success of your media planning. We're happy to share our experience, skills and know-how with you. We can work with you to develop your radio strategy. After all, if radio's good enough for almost every adult in the UK, it should have a place in your plans too.

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