Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Our feedback

At the end of every media training course we run, we ask for feedback from our clients. So far it's been really encouraging. Here are some samples. All come from senior managers in the public sector.

“This was the first taste of media training I have had. I found that the event was highly professional and very useful. It made me feel much more comfortable regarding media matters, has given me the thirst for more training and also the belief that such training should be made available to as many managers... as possible.”

“I thought the training day was very well presented and provided a good balance of providing helpful information about how the media works, and practical tips to improve our ability to get our message across.   The practice interviews put us under pressure and were extremely realistic. The constructive feedback really helped give me confidence and allay some of the fear of being interviewed in future.”

“Having training provided by experts in the media allowed our senior staff to better understand the journalist’s position and added gravitas to the event. The content was interesting, relevant and well delivered. The practical element of interviews, editing and ‘broadcasting’ the final package as it would be on the evening news was something that could not be delivered by internal media training alone. I would definitely recommend this training to other  communication professionals.”

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